Our Designer Brands

Here at Bomarr Opticians, we have carefully selected a wide selection of frames from some of the top designer eyewear brands in the world.

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From its inception in Florence to its global prominence today, Gucci has become synonymous with fashion. Recognizable from their iconic G logo or most subtle horse bit decal, the Italian luxury brand has cultivated a signature classic collection.


This line boldly embraces an avant-garde spirit, redefining conventional styles with daring and visionary designs. Through bold experimentation and artistic flair, Prada’s eyewear collection captures an essence of audacious fashion that challenges norms.


Dita exemplifies unparalleled craftsmanship and a meticulous attention to detail. Founded in 1995, the Japanese company blends vintage inspired designs with contemporary innovation to create iconic pieces such as the Flight 006, which was featured in Marvel’s Spiderman.


Fred Eyewear, an extension of the renowned jeweler, translates the brand’s legacy of luxury and elegance into captivating optical designs. With a blend of fine artisanship and opulent detailing, Fred Eyewear offers frames that exude refinement, akin to the brand’s prestigious jewelry creations.


Rooted in the creative vision of the iconic designer, revolutionized the fashion eyewear landscape upon its launch in 2005. With a legacy of innovation and luxury, the collection encompasses sleek and contemporary designs that reflect his transformative impact on the industry.


A family owned and operated company since 1923, Lafont makes Parisian chic accessible worldwide. With frames handmade in France, the brand redefines traditional eyewear craftsmanship combined with high-tehc, modern, French manufacturing techniques.


JF Rey Eyewear stands as a testament to artistic creativity and visionary design to the world of eyewear. With the tend for pushing boundaries, JF Rey’s frames encompass an eclectic fusion of colors, shapes, and materials; offering eyewear that is as much of a form of self-expression as it is a functional accessory.


Kate Spade Eyewear encapsulates a playful yet sophisticated charm, reflecting the brand’s signature approach to modern femininity with a focus on vibrant colors, whimsical patterns, and timeless silhouettes. Kate Spade eyewear collection effortlessly captures the essence of youthful elegance.


Carolina Herrera seamlessly incorporates its iconic red motif, infusing a dash of vibrant sophistication into every frame. With a history rooted in cultivated elegance,, the brand’s creations inspire a strong and assured presence that resonates confidence in every piece.


Renowned for its lightweight frames and minimalist aesthetic, the Austrian company is a hallmark of innovation and elegance in the optical world. Silhouette Eyewear stands out for its visionary approach, utilizing lightweight and durable materials such as titanium to craft frames that are ultimately both comfortable and stylish

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