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Bomarr Opticians Lenses
Bomarr Opticians Lenses

Choosing the right lenses can be overwhelming and sometimes confusing. Many special lens designs and treatments are available to meet the diverse needs and occupational demands of our patients. Our opticians will discuss with you the lenses that will best suit your prescription, and of course your budget.
High Index Lenses
Thinner and lighter weight than standard lenses. These materials offer many optical and cosmetic advantages.
Progressive Lenses
Also called "Noline" bifocals, progressive lenses gradually change prescriptions from distance to near. They give you the most natural vision of any multiple power lenses. At Bomarr Opticians, we specialize in the best lenses on the market - Varilux and Zeiss Progressives. Varilux lenses enable your eyes to make a smooth, gradual transition when you change your focus from near to intermediate to far vision, and are the number one doctor recommended progressive lenses in the world. Zeiss Progressives are known for their "Horizontal Symmetry Design." Apart from excellent visual quality, horizontal symmetry guarantees optimum binocular properties for natural vision from far to near. 
Digital Lenses
Digital or "Free-Form" lenses are newest technology in the world of eyeglass lenses.  Digital lenses achieve never before possible clarity by polishing the back lens surface to a microscopically smooth level.  Digital progressive lenses enlarge the effective field of vision from the top to the bottom. This means less need to move your head to see objects in your peripheral vision.  Digital surfacing is primarily used for progressive lenses, but it is also available to provide additional clarity to patients with high single vision prescriptions.
Glare Free/Anti-Reflective Lenses
Millions of people suffer from eyestrain caused by glare and reflections on their glasses. Long hours in front of a computer, fluorescent lighting and night driving can contribute to eye fatigue. Anti-reflective lenses are proven to dramatically reduce extreme discomfort and eyestrain. Bomarr Opticians is proud to offer the whole family of Crizal coatings. All CRIZAL lenses can help your tired eyes find relief from glare and renewed clarity of vision. Crizal lenses are designed with two-sided scratch resistance and an advanced hydrophobic property that makes cleaning a breeze. 
Transitions Lenses
These lenses darken as you go from indoors to outdoors and provide 100% UV protection. Transitions are available in all types of lenses and prescriptions. is a simple way to start deciding what lens options are best for you.

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