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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Are there different types of anti-reflective coatings?
A:  Yes.  That is why we offer the family of Crizal coatings.  All four of the Crizal choices come with durable scratch resistance and an oleophobic protection against smudges.
Q:  What's the difference between Transition lenses and progressive lenses? 
A:  Transitions lenses change color when exposed to UV light.  Progressive lenses are "no-line" bifocals.
Q:  Aren't all progressives the same?
A:  No.  There are more than 100 progressive design available on the market.  We pride ourselves on the quality of our product.  That is why we use Varilux, Zeiss and Shamir lenses.  These three brand are at the forefront of lenses technology and offer a wide range of quality progressive lenses.
Q:  Do Transitions lenses replace sunglasses?
A:   Transitions is a very useful lens option.  However, it does not take the place of a good pair of sunglasses.  Most people use their sunglasses in the car, unfortunately Transitions are not activated in the car.
Q  :What makes the best sunglasses?
A:  In a word, Polarized.  Along with blocking 100% of harmful UVA and UVB rays, polarized sunglasses improve comfort and visibility by eliminating reflected glare.  A fishermen wearing polarized sunglasses can see below the surface of the water to search for schools of fish or hidden obstacles.  Drivers are no longer affected by a constant reflection of light from their hoods or the road ahead.
Q:  What is the best way to clean my glasses?
A: We at Bomarr Opticians have always recommended to use a mild soap with cold water.  Then dry with a soft cloth.  Try to avoid soaps that contain moisturizers and any lens cleaners containing alcohol.  For people on the go we do offer own very own bottled lens cleaner.

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